About Us

 As soon as our guests walk in our doors, we see faces light up like children walking into Disneyland. We offer purity and flavor with unsurpassed quality. Who can ask for anything more? 

So popular is the Solvang Olive Press, that this idea was expanded thus, creating Solvang Flavors, where we craft in our own kitchen,  Artisanal Organic Gelato, Sorbet, French Crêpes, Italian Panini's, Clean wine hand crafted exclusively for Solvang Flavors, artisanal chocolates with exclusive flavors. A sweet and savory cafe for everyone!

Our passion is to introduce, surprise and delight each visitor with amazing Flavors that are natural, wholesome and nutritious, as free as possible from chemicals and artificial ingredients, with each serving prepared as if our children’s lives depend on it. Because they do.